Break free from inline styles in WordPress

Adding Borders to WordPress Images the Right Way – a.k.a. Why Inline Styles Have No Place In Your Posts

Much controversy surrounds the removal of the image border feature in WordPress. In this tutorial Morten Rand-Hendriksen shows you how to add image borders the correct way and also proposes a new set of standards for WordPress theme developers going forward to account for users who want borders around their images.

Proper Pagination in WordPress

How to add proper pagination as default in WordPress themes

It is time we the people who build WordPress themes cast aside the rotting corpse of Older and Newer posts links and replace it with proper pagination. After all the function is already built into WordPress – in fact it has been for a very, very long time. So, without further ado let me provide you with the code you need to get started and a few tweaks to move your WordPress pagination into the 21st century.

A bugfix for WordPress 3: Building Child Themes on

With the update of WordPress to version 3.4 came some important feature improvements that changed the way certain key components work. This includes how the header image and background functionality is implemented. This in turn means the old methods of making changes to these elements suddenly don’t work any more. The Issue This change has [...]

Automatic responsive videos in WordPress with oEmbed, FitVids and a little PHP magic

UPDATE: I’ve added a 4th step to the list to remove automatic inline styles from being inserted when embedding videos. If you’re using a responsive theme on your WordPress site (or you’ve built a responsive theme) and you’ve added YouTube, Vimeo or other videos using oEmbed you will undoubtedly have noticed those videos do not [...]

Using the time tag in WordPress and when parsing RSS feeds

The <time> tag is a little used but very effective little HTML element that allows you to embed additional information to dates and times in your content. The idea is that in addition to the actual text that shows the visitor the time, you can provide the browser, search engines and other computers with actual [...]

Tutorial: Your files in the Cloud with the Windows Azure Storage for WordPress plugin

So you have a WordPress site with a decent amount of traffic. That’s probably causing some serious pain for your server. With a lot of traffic comes a heavy server load. And most of that load is probably due to image files uploaded to your site. The solution to this is to put your images [...]

WordPress on Windows Azure: Single-Site Deployment

UPDATE June 4, 2012: Microsoft has released a new solution for PHP hosting in a Linux environment on Azure. As a result this entire tutorial is now defunct as there is a better and much easier solution available. Check it out right here. UPDATE November 2, 2011: The WordPress on Azure scaffolder has been updated [...]